Large and open prison/facility map that can be used for SCP or any other genre that would require an underground facility. It is set in the snowy mountains and has a unique style with many rooms and all the modularity required to expand it. Hallways work in a grid system, and there are already rooms and such for each team/division of the facility.

3 reviews for SCP Prison Testing Facility Arctic

  1. zehbraw (verified owner)

    UI stays on screen, other than that awesome map so far.

  2. wise_dr (verified owner)

    It is very well made, with minor building issues here and there, however, overall the quality is satisfactory. One thing I noticed is that some areas lack furniture (this might be a me problem).

    In summary, a great small map. Adequate to the price.

  3. domainseized (verified owner)

    its alright, if your looking for a fully work game that you dont have to work on this isnt it.

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SCP Prison Testing Facility Arctic

– Working Main Menu

– Teams and spawns for each team

– Cell block + Hallways

– Locker Rooms/unique spawn rooms for each team

– Custom models and modular hallways

– Finished and designed layout

– Also there are “testing” rooms with anomolies

(3 customer reviews)

3.48 out of 5

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