The ClearlyDev Christmas 2022 Gift Card promotion has ended. All purchased cards will remain valid for the foreseeable future.

What is a ClearlyDev Gift Card?

A ClearlyDev Gift Card allows you to send money to somebody and allow them to spend it on any product on our Public Marketplace of over 1000 vendors.

What can ClearlyDev Christmas Gift Cards be spent on?

A ClearlyDev Christmas Gift Card can be spent on any product (except Gift Cards) from any vendor on our platform. If the transaction total exceeds the value of a gift card, the receiving customer is expected to cover the rest of the transaction.

Do ClearlyDev Christmas Gift Cards expire?

Despite the Christmas Gift Card promotion ending on the 1st January 2023, purchased gift cards do not expire and retain their full value.

Clearly Development reserves the right to amend this and can invalidate any gift card at any time without warning.

Help! My Gift Card isn’t working!

There are a few reasons why your Gift Card may not be working:

  • You may be trying to buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card, this is not possible.
  • Your Gift Card may have been deactivated, if this is the case, contact support.

Can I use my Gift Card after 1 January 2023?

Yes! You can use your ClearlyDev Christmas Gift Card after the end of the Christmas Gift Card promotion ends.

I am a ClearlyDev Vendor, can I receive my earnings as a Gift Card?

We are currently looking into a system where we can offer withdrawals to a ClearlyDev balance. However, at this time there are no plans to offer withdrawals to Gift Cards.