Nuclear Power Plant with city and gate area, acts as a base usually. This map can be used for a plethora of genres, and has plenty of assets that can also be used to expand or edit the map. 

Scripting fully works, can be used as is or for any group/game.

3 reviews for Nuclear Power Plant Chernobyl Research Facility Base City

  1. KyIe (verified owner)

    It’s a decent starter map for whatever group you may use this for, however not entirely the best to standards.

  2. Charlie Wolf (verified owner)

    Cool Map! But none of the scripts work/nothing actually works besides the doors. The reactor doesn’t work nor the gates.

  3. 1133646528 (verified owner)

    Expected more, yes it works but has MANY bugs. Do not recommend buying

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Nuclear Power Plant Chernobyl Research Facility Base City

– Working Nuclear Reactor

– City with fully done buildings and terrain

– UI Complete with its own GFX

– Guns and uniforms w/ assigned to teams

(3 customer reviews)

3.48 out of 5

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