3 reviews for Operation Trident, Polovia

  1. yermaw (verified owner)

    if u cant afford idk what to say, just please jump off hms roughneck

  2. mad geeza (verified owner)

    nice map

  3. 4341400 (verified owner)

    Starting with the pros. This game is honestly one of the best European map on the market, it brings elements of the Sea, an Airbase for air operations, and plenty of land for conflicts. It literally isn’t just an heightmap with trees and a bunch of random dots of terrain. It has actual infrastructure and good road networks for the most part. Cons is that a lot of the land is just open untouched terrain. Groups of trees of forests literally in 1 spot in the middle of nowhere, and Someplaces the terrain grass sticking through roads. Simple stuff to fix/add but still there. Overall I highly suggest you buy this map if you want a pretty good map for activities of all three branches.

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Operation Trident, Polovia

(3 customer reviews)

4.26 out of 5

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