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Kambia is a large map with thick forestry, highly detailed terrain ands buildings, rivers and towns all around the map. This creates an immersive gameplay for anyone who is to play this game. This game was previously used in a large group, averaging around 50-70 active players per day, the game can be used for any type of conflict.

Game Information

  • Map Size: 6kX10k studs
  • Points of interest:
    • Captured hotel turned into a military base
    • “Bogo Town” (Main Town)
    • Police Station
    • Military observations posts (Small FOBs)
    • West Side Boys (Insurgents) Spawn / Town
    • Train Station
    • Second Town
    • Many small villages
    • Thick forestry
    • Highly Detailed Terrain
    • Multiple Farms
  • Almost all buildings and enterable with working doors.

4.26 out of 5

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