• Large CDCZ
  • Viewing Rooms
  • Cells
  • Solitary area
  • Cafeteria
  • Large office area
  • Admin area
  • Personnel cafeteria
  • Break Room
  • Reception
  • Science Sector (needs finishing) – corridors given
  • Interlink
  • CDCZ Briefing Rooms
  • CDCZ interlink
  • Main Containment Zone (CZ) large hallway
  • CZ Briefing room
  • 2nd gate
  • Large CDCZ corridors
  • Multiple SCP containment rooms
  • 2nd CZ sector for more dangerous SCPs
  • Custom containment cells for Keter SCPs
  • Background ambients

(Site not fully complete: some of the CZ does need finishing like corridors and stuff)


3 reviews for 80s SCP Site

  1. jbujan1963 (verified owner)

    Buildings, models are sick. Problem is there’s no scripts but I gotta say it is sick tbh.

  2. Snipzz

    looks like a great site

  3. Snipzz (verified owner)

    no scripts

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80s SCP Site

Large 1980s themed SCP Site

(3 customer reviews)

4.26 out of 5

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