Donetsk, formerly known as Aleksandrovka, Yuzivka, Stalin, and Stalino, is an industrial city in eastern Ukraine located on the Kalmius River in Donetsk Oblast, which is currently occupied by Russia as the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic.


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Donetsk, Ukraine (SCRIPTED, GEAR, ACS)

Donetsk, Ukraine. In this Roblox map set in Ukraine, players step into the shoes of UN peacekeepers tasked with stabilizing a region embroiled in conflict. Drawing inspiration from real-world UN peacekeeping operations, players face the challenges of navigating through a dynamic environment filled with political tension and military unrest. Somalia Battalion


– Large Map

– ACS Ready 

– R9 Blizzard 

– Comes with SCRIPTED Vehicles and Aviation Airframes

– Spawnrooms, gear rooms

– Gear For Both Sides

– Three Different Teams, UKRFOR, RUSFOR, CIVFOR

– Plug and Play, basically. 

NOTE: Map may not support some Low-End PC’s as the roblox

4.55 out of 5

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