Our product is unique unlike other rank tags systems we have a kos system where if a user was to reset to avoid a KOS it would instantly come back until a user with permissions removes the kos or set command icon from the user.

8 reviews for [NEW] Rank Tags V2

  1. please6187 (verified owner)

    Confusing to set up but cool.

  2. mespaghetti (verified owner)

    Cool product.

  3. Luke; (verified owner)

    Doesn’t explain it well enough to set up, is confusing how it explained.

  4. bcfcdec (verified owner)

    does not explain how to set up.

  5. .venidaz (verified owner)

    to set up put configuration in sss

  6. Declassified (verified owner)

    KOS, VIP and clear Commands don’t correctly whitelist as should.
    e.g if you add a group to the whitelist and you join on an alt that isn’t in the group they can still use the commands

  7. rie.ex (verified owner)

    Confusing to set up..

  8. 5849436123 (verified owner)

    How do I set up?

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[NEW] Rank Tags V2

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This product has multiple chat commands to help you identify people within your game weather that be developers or people that are KOS ( kill on sight ). We also have an easy configuration file to help users easily setup these rank tags without struggle.

Commands are the following :

– /kos [username]
– /revokekos [username]

– /vip [username]
– /revokevip [username]

– /clear [username]
– /revokeclearance [username]

More commands can be added if you understand scripting.

(8 customer reviews)

4.63 out of 5

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