Afghan Building Assets – Low Poly and Optimised (All can be modified with different textures to your needs – as shown in the gallery)

  • 18 Mud Style Buildings and Compounds
  • 18 Modular Compound Assets
  • 10 Random Assets (Wheelbarrow, Boxes, Pots, Fences, Well, Corrogated Iron Fences, Hesco)
  • 11 Imported PBR Textures which should fit most meshes
  • – Assets recieved in a .RBXL test game, including most vegetation and assets

Middle Eastern Vegetation Pack

  • Acacia Trees
  • 5 Elm Trees
  • 4 Original Oak Trees
  • 4 Birch Trees
  • 10 Palm Trees
  • Poppy & Other Field Textures
  • – Recieved in a .RBXM file

Summer, Middle Eastern Lighting and Terrain Settings

2 Small Base Maps for Afghan Games 

  • Realistic Terrain Colours & Lighting
  • Suitable Environments to build on
  • – Recieved in .RBXL files


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Afghan Style Building Pack (+ Middle Eastern Vegetation!)

This pack is comprised of a variety of assets such as buildings, vegetation, modular parts and textures that can be used for middle eastern, specifically Afghanistan style games. All buildings can be modified with different textures and colours, including Roblox Textures, not just the ones provided.

While I would have liked to completely finish this project, I lost motivation, I have made up for this by offering a reasonable, cheaper price. Be aware as a result of some assets appearing unfinished, however most are of high quality.

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